Cold asparagus soup with trout roe


Boil the peeled asparagus in 1L of water. When they are tender, set the asparagus aside and reserve cooking water. Prepare béchamel using butter, flour, milk, half a litre of the cooking water, salt and pepper. Add the asparagus to the béchamel and keep cooking for another 5 minutes stirring constantly. Use the blender to smooth the mixture and then pour it through a fine strainer. Add the cream and allow it to cool. Place a roe dollop in each bowl and cover lightly with the asparagus soup.


Serves  6    



Pans, wooden spatula, blender,

strainer, vegetable peeler, 6 bowls.



Ingredients Quantity Comments
Fresh asparagus 300 gr.  
Butter 150 gr.  
Flour 90 gr.  
Cream 150 gr.  
Salt 10 gr.  
White pepper 1 pizca  
Milk 0.5 l.  
Asparagus broth 0.5 l.  
Trout roe 50 gr.  


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