CALTER, 20 years of experience.

CALTER products are found throughout Spain in the delicatessen, high and medium catering sector, who consider them leading products in the preparation of dishes and canapés thanks to its delicate flavour, texture and decorative color.

CALTER uses its 20 year expertise to bind technology and its highly qualified staff into the research and development of products, which results in a quality that has become the hallmark of our roe and other trout derivatives.

The raw material is extracted in our fishfarms, which ensures both immediate transportation to the workshop, as well as exceptional final product quality.

The methods used to produce Calter trout roe are entirely by hand, from live fish spawning- immediately returning the fish to the water - to controlling and eliminating impurities that may appear during the packaging and pasteurizing process.
Our other products, salmon roe, marinated trout fillets´, hot smoked trout and sea urchin roe, are made using semi-industrialized traditional methods.

Due to CALTER’s  careful work, product quality and our customers and suppliers  trust, we have gained the national and European markets  highest consideration, as well as that from medium  to high catering producers and delicatessens in the cuisine world.

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